Friday, September 29, 2006

Say it Ain't So, Al

This latest article is a bittersweet one.

As you'll see, I had the opportunity to do a tongue-in-cheek interview with "Weird Al" Yankovic about his fantastic new album Straight Outta Lynwood. It's no exaggeration to say that Al is one of my childhood heroes. His sense of humor and his spot-on parodies were a major influence during my tween years. If you haven't heard "White & Nerdy," his hilarious take on Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty," do yourself a favor and view it on YouTube. You won't be dissapointed.

Here's a taste of the article:

"Yes, both [Virus Alert and Don't Download This Song] are paranoid rants about digital technology, but again--jokes." Al said, "I have nothing against technology. I may look like the Unabomber, but I'm not him--I promise."

That's the sweet part.

The bitter part is that this article appeared in the very last print issue of LA Alternative. Though the publication is going to continue as an online entity, I haven't heard yet what form it will take. I'm not sure even LA Alternative knows what they're going to morph into. All I know is not being able to pick up the paper at a coffee shop, inside the library, outside the movie theater, or at an art gallery is a big loss for the city.

LA Alternative, we speak your name.

Editors Lesley Bargar, Lucinda Michele Knapp, and Evan George are a talented, classy group of individuals, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity they gave me to spread my silly ruminations on pop culture. I hope we continue to work together in the future.

Image: Fluent in Javascript and Klingon, "Weird Al" Yankovic explores his roots, pancreas, and the drive-thru in Straight Outta Lynwood.

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